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People have always moved from place to place looking to better their lives, businesses or even to save their lives.   The history of the United States shows how our country was started by immigrants and how its progress has been fueled by the knowledge brought in by people of various nationalities and backgrounds.  These days, with very easy mobility of goods, production, money and people, immigration law has become very important as people want to take advantage of opportunities in the U.S., seek refuge or even settle.

Perhaps better than any other country in the world, our laws provide ways to do so for people who want to live and work in the United States. U.S. laws provide ways for foreign-born persons to settle or live in the U.S. with the aims of family reunification, affording humanitarian aid and development of U.S. commerce and education.

A full-service immigration law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, Akpele & Associates, LLC is right there in the middle of things, assisting our clients from all over the world to obtain legal status in the United States in the different manners provided by U.S. laws.

Our clients are individuals, families, educational institutions, as well as businesses of all sizes.  They come from all over the United States and from outside the United States.  We represent them in all immigration matters before all the agencies of the U.S. government that administer immigration law.


Mission Statement

Every client has a story and we aim to know and understand that story and against the background of their story, assist our clients to achieve their desired immigration objectives.  Sometimes these objectives may be harder to achieve, but we are professional and passionate about our work.  If there is a solution, we strive to find it.  We do not feel daunted by novel or tough situations  – we just work harder.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, we ensure ease of delivery of service to our clients.  Immigration law is an ever-changing area of the law and sometimes literally, what was applicable last week may not apply this week.  Our firm keeps up with the latest developments in immigration law.

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