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I know personally what it’s like to want to start anew in the U.S.; I’ve done it myself so I’m sensitive to your needs:

You want to take advantage of the opportunities to grow your family’s wealth and enjoy many of the freedoms and liberties other Americans enjoy, and you’re committed to creating a brighter future for your family by immigrating here.

  1. You want to make the transition as smooth and as seamless as possible for your spouse and children, and perhaps even bring your parents, siblings and other relatives.
  2. You want to do it all quickly and in accordance with the laws so there are no delays, headaches or restless nights.

The Speediest Path to a U.S. Visa

The most expedient way to get your U.S Visa is to invest in an American business:

Option 1

Invest at least one million dollars in a new commercial enterprise that employs at least ten US workers.  Under certain conditions, persons who invest five hundred thousand dollars may also file an EB-5 petition.

Option 2

You can participate in the Regional Center program – a more passive investment of only $500,000.  This program allows an investor to direct their funds to certain government-approved projects that are designed to stimulate the economy and create jobs in industries such as agriculture, tourism, real estate and even entertainment.

 Conditional permanent resident status is given to the investor and to qualifying family members.  After two years, you and your family must petition to have the condition removed.

As America recovers from the recession, the EB-5 category has become an important avenue to both stimulate the economy and to bestow permanent residence on foreign-born persons.

The Most Popular Path to the U.S. – Business Immigration

Many U.S. businesses require employees with all sorts of expertise, some of which may not always be available in the United States so they source expertise from outside U.S. borders.   In addition to your business expertise, you also bring your own personal and cultural flavors to this melting pot which is the United States.

Business immigration benefits both the U.S. and U.S. companies by sponsoring the brightest minds.  It also gives you – the employee/beneficiary – a chance to become a permanent resident and eventually, a U.S. citizen.

Visa categories EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 and EB-4 are all petitions related to Visa candidates with extraordinary expertise and/or willingness to perform certain jobs.  They are also the most sought-after collection of Visa petitions year after year.

Other Business-related Visas

Non-Immigrant Visas enable you to come to the United States to live and work on a temporary basis.  Visa holders are given a certain amount of time to work and this period of time can usually be extended although not always indefinitely.   We can also facilitate the diplomatic and official Visa application process.

On the Other Side of the Law

If you find yourself in trouble and are remanded to prison or detention, we can help.

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