We help you determine if you are eligible to naturalize, help you apply and accompany you to your interview

Green Card Cases

Help US citizens or Permanent Residents bring their relations to the United States to live.


Waivers to help you overcome inadmissibility to the United States and ensure that you can return as a permanent resident or just to visit as a non-immigrant.

Business Immigration Law

Immigration options for business owners to bring employees in the United States.

US Immigration Law Is Complicated.We Make It Simple.

US Immigration Law Is Complicated.
We Make It Simple.

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Since 2001, Akpele & Associates, LLC has been representing Atlanta, GA clients just like you in all kinds of immigration matters, including naturalization and green card cases. We also provide legal guidance to clients who have been denied entry into the U.S. Our passion is helping our clients and their families to enter, live and work legally in the United States. We genuinely care about each client and we understand the stress which the immigration process brings.

Akpele & Associates can help you if:

  • You're applying for a work visa or green card for yourself or an employee.
  • You're trying to obtain immigration benefits for your family member.
  • You're interested in applying for U.S. citizenship.

Call 404-250-3295 today to get in touch with an experienced immigration attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why choose Akpele & Associates?

You should hire an immigration attorney to help you in your case. Do not do it for yourself. Behind every immigration form are laws, regulations, rules and policy that determine who should, when and exactly how to file an immigration application. Filing at the wrong time could hurt you. If you have already been hurt by the denial of your application, call us.

We will be able to determine if there is any remedy for you. Only an immigration lawyer will stand behind their work to defend you and effectively advocate on your behalf. At Akpele & Associates, LLC, We:







  • interview our client in detail to obtain facts that are important for their case.
  • carefully research every client's case to determine available and appropriate options for that client.
  • offer frank advice and counsel about the case, outlining the legal process in detail so that our client can feel client taking the next steps.
  • use cutting-edge technology to assist in ease of delivery of service to our clients.










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