Who is Uzo Akpele?

Who is Uzo Akpele?

Your Local Expert in Immigration Law

In 1986, Uzo Akpele began studying law at The University of Nigeria, Nsukka. After graduating in 1990, she moved to The United States to study at The University of Georgia School of Law from 1997 to 2000. She specializes in Business Law, Family Law, Immigration, and Litigation. Being an immigrant herself, Uzo understands the struggles and the process it takes to get a green card or become a citizen. She is very active in her community as a member of the State Bar of Georgia, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. Her clients are from around the United States and the world. She enjoys being a lawyer, mother, and business woman and in her spare time she writes articles and gives talks on Immigration Law. She has also recently begun to learn Spanish to help her clients. Her philosophy is that if her clients can learn English, then she can learn Spanish.

"Whenever I take on a case, I always bear in mind that my client is entrusting me with a part of his or her life. I take each case very seriously. I strive to put in my very best each time."


You should hire an immigration attorney to help you in your case. Do not do it for yourself. Behind every immigration form are laws, regulations, rules and policy that determine who should, when and exactly how to file an immigration application. Filing at the wrong time could hurt you. If you have already been hurt by the denial of your application, call us.

We will be able to determine if there is any remedy for you. Only an immigration lawyer will stand behind their work to defend you and effectively advocate on your behalf. At Akpele & Associates, LLC, We:

  • interview our client in detail to obtain facts that are important for their case.
  • carefully research every client's case to determine available and appropriate options for that client.
  • offer frank advice and counsel about the case, outlining the legal process in detail so that our client can feel client taking the next steps.
  • use cutting-edge technology to assist in ease of delivery of service to our clients.


Uzo is good with immigration cases. She started the filing of my case in 2008, after 3 years my green card was approved in Nov 2011. I was the victim of an abuse by my husband. Thank God everything went well because of Uzo. I highly recommend her.


We are bless to have Uzo as our attorney. She did an excellent job for my husband petition to INS. Thanks to Uzo he has his green card and is back with us. She was respectful, patience, and with a lot of understanding on the INS law. Thanks Uzo!


The process was slow and daunting even though we did everything the immigration officials asked of us. But Akpele was able to get the job done for us. She told us what to expect; she did not paint a rosy picture, nor did she make us any unrealistic promises. We were prepared for the worst case scenario but all the while hoping and praying for the best. Yes, it took some years three or four, but she got it done. The immigration system is broken and it really needs to be overhauled.