You Can't Afford to Make Mistakes When Applying for a Green Card

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Your green card application is much more than just filling out a form. That's why it's important to work with an immigration lawyer if you want to become a permanent resident of the United States. Akpele & Associates, LLC will not only help you apply for a green card, but we'll also attend your interview with you. We will help you file a relative petition as well as your relation's adjustment of status application, or prepare your relation for consular processing.

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5 reasons you need to work with a green card lawyer

5 reasons you need to work with a green card lawyer

You should hire an attorney to help you navigate the U.S. immigration process. Akpele & Associates is on your side. Turn to us if:

  1. You're concerned your application will be denied because of a past criminal conviction.
  2. Your previous green card application was denied.
  3. You've tried and failed to navigate the application process alone.
  4. You're immigrating to the U.S. with your family.
  5. You're hiring an employee outside the U.S.

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